Gynecology is a branch of physiology and medicine that deals with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls, especially those affecting the reproductive system.



  • Fistulectomy
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    Is a surgical procedure where a fistulous tract is excised (cut out) completely. This is compared with fistulotomy, where the fistulous tract is merely laid open to heal. Fistulae are a feature of many diseases, but commonly fistulectomy refers to an operation for an anal fistula

  • Biopsy
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    Removal of part or all of a lump or suspicious area through an incision into the affected area. There are 2 types of surgical biopsies. During an incisional biopsy, a small part of the lump is removed. During an excisional biopsy, the entire lump is removed.

  • Circumcision
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    Is a surgical procedure that removes the foreskin (the loose tissue) covering the glans (rounded tip) of the penis. Circumcision may be performed for religious or cultural reasons, or for health reasons.

  • Excision
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    A removal of a skin lesion by completely cutting it out.

  • Hernia Repair
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    Hernia Repair

    A surgical procedure for the correction of a hernia (a bulging of internal organs or tissues through the wall that contains it.) Hernias can occur in many places, including the abdomen, groin, diaphragm, brain, and at the site of a previous operation.

  • Foreign Body Removal
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    Foreign Body Removal

    Soft tissue foreign bodies most commonly occur secondary to penetrating or abrasive trauma, and they can result in patient discomfort, deformity, delayed wound healing, localized and systemic infection, and further trauma during attempts at removal.

  • Orchiopexy
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    Is a surgery to move an undescended (cryptorchid) testicle into the scrotum and permanently fix it there. Orchiopexy typically also describes the surgery used to resolve testicular torsion.

  • PortaCath
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    Is an implanted device giving access to veins for patients who need regular long-term administration of antibiotics or chemotherapy drugs.

  • Scar Removal
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    Scar Remmoval

    Scar revision surgery is meant to minimize the scar so that it is more consistent with your surrounding skin tone and texture.

  • Tendon Repair
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    Tendon Repair

    Is surgery procedure to treat a torn or otherwise damaged tendon. Tendons are the soft, band-like tissues that connect muscles to bone. When the muscles contract, the tendons pull the bones and cause the joints to move.

  • Toenail Removal
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    Toenail Removal

    Surgical toenail removal (also known as avulsion of the nail plate) is a common method of treatment for a variety of conditions, including “ram’s horn nails” (onychogryphosis) and an ingrown toenail.

  • Vericose Vein Stripping
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    Vericose Vein Stripping

    is a surgical procedure done under general or local anaesthetic to aid in the treatment of varicose veins and other manifestations of chronic venous disease. The vein “stripped” (pulled out from under the skin using minimal incisions) is usually the great saphenous vein.

  • Dr. Joseph D. Scalia
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    Dr. Joseph D. Scalia, M.D

    Dr. Joseph Scalia is a surgeon in Secaucus, New Jersey and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Bayonne Medical Center and Hoboken University Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He is one of 39 doctors at Bayonne Medical Center and one of 41 at Hoboken University Medical Center who specialize in Surgery.